watch the abstract art go!
you can paint stuff too.

press 1 to show/hide console for controls.
i may add more features to this and make it more customizable.

feedback is welcome!


abstractionary-v1.01.exe 2 MB

Development log


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Pretty cool stuff. Music would at a lot to the experience. Look into making fractals, I think adding them would be really cool, and they're not very hard to code.

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hey mumike, thanks for the feedback! i actually made a similar thing with a short music loop a while back. check it out if you want to...
it's definitely better with music! i intentionally left this without music so that a user could have their own playing along with it if they wish. this was just a little experiment that seemed fun. fractals would definitely be cool! i'm just starting out with coding, so i will have to see if it's as easy as you say! :)