* the HTML5 version seems to have some minor bugs that are not present in the Windows version -- i think (music not stopping when it should and some inaudible sound effects, but nothing major).

you may have to click in the game area get it to work.


WASD or ARROW KEYS -- movement.

X or M -- slash with dagger.  yes, a strange primary weapon for a wizard -- your spell book and staff have been taken from you!

Z or N --  shoot magic spells (once you get them).

SHIFT -- switch between fireball and lightning spells (once you get them).

SHIFT  -- open chests and collect the gold inside them.

P or SPACE -- pause game.

R -- restart game.

+ and -  :  resize game window.

collect gold... because it's fun?  
pick up hearts to heal. 
pick up mana (the blue orbs) to power fireball and lightning spells.

each monster in the dungeon has their own personality. 
some are not hurt by certain weapons...or at all!
don't fall into the pits, you will die!

the wizard will appear occasionally throughout the dungeon.  
you have to beat him 5 times to finally defeat him and escape the dungeon. 
the wizard will get harder to beat each time you face him, and his minions will too! 

code, art, sound, music by Tim Conceivable 2018
Jinxed Wizard font by CastPixel


Chambers-of-Chaos.exe 47 MB

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