Serve concessions to hungry fans at the old ballgame!

move:  arrow keys
dash:  double-tap up or down arrow
cycle through food items:  C
throw food:  X

pause:  P or SPACE
mute:  M

When an audience member asks for food, walk to their row and face them.  Press C to cycle through your food options to the food that matches what they want (bubble over their head).  Then press X to slug food to them!

If you give them the correct food, they will throw coins at you.  Pick up the coins to get paid.  Be careful; throwing the wrong food will cost you!  Be quick!  If you take too long, customers will get mad and cancel their order, making you lose even more points.

BunBytes: Initial pitch, director, art
RenInColor: Music
Timconceivable: Programming, animation, art


SnackSlugger-v0.2.exe 3 MB
Snack Slugger--player-manual-v0.2.txt 3 kB

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